Organized by MRD Investments Lda and Absa Bank, the Maputo Half Marathon will take place on May 26, 2024, starting at 07:30am.
The 4th edition of the Maputo Half Marathon presents the following rules:

Time Competition Category Age Distance
07:30am Half Marathon Men 18 to 39 years 21 Km
07:30am Half Marathon Femininos 18 to 39 years 21 Km
07:30am Half Marathon Vet M40 M/F 40 – 49 years** 21 Km
07:30am Half Marathon Vet M50 M/F 50 – 59 years** 21 Km
07:30am Half Marathon Vet M60 M/F 60 – or more 21 Km
07:30am Family Race Open to all - 10 e 5 Km
07:30am Paralympics in tricycle - - 5 Km

** The age considered is the athlete’s age on the day of the event.

1) By registering, the athlete authorizes the provision, free of charge and unconditionally, to the event organization and its partners and sponsors, the rights to use their image as captured in recordings or photos taken during the event, as well as authorizing their reproduction in communication and promotion materials related to the event. The organization reserves the right to use the database with the information provided by the participants.

2) In the Half Marathon, all athletes who are in good health and capable of prolonged physical exertion may participate. The Organization is not responsible for any health problems resulting from the effort exerted and advises participating athletes to undergo medical check-ups well in advance. Participation in the event and any accidents that occur during it are the sole responsibility of the athlete. By registering, participants automatically declare their agreement with the following disclaimer:
– I have read and agree to the event regulations;
– I am aware of my state of health and am physically and psychologically capable of participating, and I assume that I will refrain from participating if my health conditions change after registration;
– I participate in the event freely and voluntarily, releasing the organization, partners, directors, employees, and other companies associated with the organization from any liability resulting from my participation in the event, before, during, and after it.

3) The Family Race will be a non-competitive event without rankings.

4) The start of the Half Marathon and the Family Race will be simultaneous, with the Half Marathon athletes positioned in the beginning of the starting line. The races are distinguished by the participation race bibs.

5) Registrations are free, personal, and non-transferable, and can be done online at

6) The athlete’s kit is delivered upon the collection of the participation race bib and includes: Technical t-shirt, race bib with identifying chip, individual equipment bag, cap and other gifts and sponsor information.

7) Kit collection will take place at Radisson Blu Maputo Hotel on May 24 and 25, 2024, between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. There will be no Kit collections on the day of the event (May 26). The organization reserves the right to change the Kit collection location and will communicate the new location through the official event website. To collect the Kit, participants must present their ID card and the registration confirmation sent by email.

8) The Organization, in collaboration with local Police, will restrict road traffic during the race and along its entire route, but is not responsible for any accidents occurring before, during, or after it.

9) The Half Marathon course is officially measured and certified by the IAAF, properly conducted by an official member of that entity.

10) The times obtained will be electronically timed, with this service closing 3 hours after the start signal. Athletes will be monitored by chips, and at the end of the event, they will receive their final running time via SMS. Athletes who cross the finish line after the monitoring is closed will not be classified.

11) Any misconduct by an athlete towards the organization, opponents, or the general public will result in immediate disqualification.

12) Controls spread along the course will allow the organization to disqualify athletes who voluntarily attempt to shorten the race distance or commit any other punishable offense.

13) It is expressly prohibited to exchange race bibs between athletes, whether or not they are from the same club or team, as well as the one-time registration of an athlete in a team other than the one they are federated in.

14) Athletes will receive their prizes in Mozambican Metical (MZN). Monetary prizes will be paid after the classification lists are verified and considered final. The prize grid will be available online on the official event website; all athletes will receive a participation medal.

15) The Organization will establish an appeals jury to review any possible complaints, which must be submitted in writing and properly substantiated. They must be made in accordance with the principles of the Maputo Athletics Association, and there will be a fee of 2000 Mozambican Metical (MZN) for each complaint, which will be deposited until the presented situation is resolved. The fee will be refunded in case of deferment.

16) Athletes must present their sports license or Identification Card in case of doubt regarding their age.

17) The cancellation of the race may occur due to force majeure factors beyond the organization’s control, such as extreme weather conditions, demonstrations, government restrictions, or other situations that may endanger the physical integrity of participants. In exceptional cases, the organization may alter the course, starting and finishing locations, and schedule.

18) Any omissions in this regulation will be resolved by the Technical Director of the Event in accordance with the current official regulations.

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